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Sleepless in Brooklyn: Party All Day & All Night

A daylong itinerary for my party people.

Aria Aber
Aria Aber
November 17, 2017
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Living in the city that never sleeps means there’s a party lingering around every corner, regardless of what the clock says. In Brooklyn, funky and casual day parties are always happening, especially in the summer months. But even in the winter, Brooklynites know how to maintain the day dance and shenanigans. Of course, day and night parties aren’t mutually exclusive—the perfect NYC weekend marathon includes dance opportunities in the a.m. and p.m. The following venues are ideal for those of you who like to start early and those who love to dance until long after dawn. For my party people, here’s a daylong itinerary so you can fill every moment of your Saturday day and night with the best vibes.

2 p.m.: Boozy Brunch
Sweet Brooklyn
608 Nostrand Ave

Saturday starts with brunch at Sweet Brooklyn, a steampunk Crown Heights pub that plays host to DJs, open mics, and other entertainers who will get you in the right mood. The atmosphere resembles a day party with delicious food, minus the long lines. Menu offerings vary, but you’ll always find staples like burgers and Southern fare like waffles and catfish grits. Their $30 brunch fix includes an entrée and 1.5 hours of unlimited mimosas. If you’re feeling lucky, stay for one of their creative cocktails, like the Claire Huxtable with basil syrup and coconut rum.

Union Pool.
photo by Aria Aber

5 p.m.: Booze, Dancing, and Tacos
Union Pool
484 Union Ave

May your afternoon dance commence inside Union Pool, a Williamsburg bar on the premises of a former swimming pool supply store. Some guests complain about customer service, but it’s so cheap that you shouldn’t care. Plus, there’s always live music to shake your hips to. The crowd doesn’t take itself too seriously, so don’t feel bad about bringing your Carlton Banks moves to the floor. Union Pool’s smoking-friendly backyard features a taco truck and is open all year round.

Union Pool’s cozy Outdoor Area that’s open all year.
photo by Aria Aber

8 p.m.: Fancy Dinner and Urban Sounds
Black Flamingo
168 Borinquen Pl

You’re probably hungry again by now, so get ready for a Latin-inspired dinner at Black Flamingo, which is part vegetarian-friendly Williamsburg restaurant, part exotic cocktail bar, and part underground club. The glowing, tropically accented upstairs lounge with banana leaves hanging over clean, chic dining tables remind me of David Lynch aesthetics. Order their rice bowls while enjoying a watermelon margarita sprinkled with mint leaves. And don’t forget to check out the secret, pulsing, sweaty club downstairs, where the analog sound system exudes legendary club kid vibes in almost absolute darkness. You can def end the night here—they’re open until 4 a.m.

House of Yes.
photo by Aria Aber

11 p.m.: Modern Burlesque
House of Yes
2 Wyckoff Ave

Paradise birds should channel their inner Coyote Ugly dance queens before midnight and Lyft their way over to House of Yes, a decorous, eclectic, and LGBTQA-friendly venue in the heart of trendy Bushwick. Hidden inside a graffiti-covered warehouse is a glimmering rave-meets-playground deep house heaven featuring body paint stations, a hot tub, aerial performers, open dance platforms, and a costume truck. Basically, you say “yes” to everything until your body feels like saying “no.” This ideology is surprisingly well executed—before entering, the doormen enlighten every single visitor about consent. Utopia, much?

3 a.m.–noon Sunday
Bushwick A/V

3 a.m. to noon (and later) at secret locations in Bushwick (somewhereinbushwick@gmail.com)
Most of your friends have called cabs to go home, but you’re still going strong? So is the underground crowd at Bushwick A/V, who will never let you down. This consistently popular after-hours party was founded by Brooklynites who invite local DJs to compose an electronic ode to sleeplessness and a wild, sexy love for New York City. Hosted at secret locations—warehouses around Bushwick—every Friday and Saturday, the anything-goes crowd guarantees an inclusive, sweaty, and unforgettable bacchanal until the late hours of the next day.

Extra: Summer Sundays
From June through the end of October, you can also party hard on Sundays. If weather permits, start your day at the cozy Lot Radio (noon to midnight, 17 Nassau Ave), which offers live music in a relaxing outdoor space. This is a gem for music nerds, and the cute and welcoming staff are passionate about the DJs and producers. Afterward, you should join the legendary Mister Sunday party (3 p.m. to midnight, 56-06 Cooper Ave). Hosted outdoors under the blistering summer sky in Ridgewood, Queens, Mister Sunday is the original underground day party. Caveat: to provide all partygoers with the opportunity to enjoy the moment, their policy doesn’t allow any cameras or phones on the dance floor. Everyone who’s been there once knows that Mister Sunday alchemizes a secret wonderland of love, dance, and endless cheap booze.