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Spellbound in La La Land: A Guide to Places for Witches in Los Angeles

These witchy shops in Los Angeles can help you on your mystic path.

Isabel Galupo
Isabel Galupo
October 10, 2017
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It’s a good time to be a witch in America. Women around the country are turning to witchcraft to become more politically active (like feminist astrologist Chani Nicholas); to manifest the careers, friendships, and relationships they deserve (like love and money guru Gala Darling); and to draw boundaries and practice loving self-inquiry (like moon-loving life coach Jennifer Racioppi). As magic becomes increasingly mainstream, information and resources abound for those looking to dabble in the occult. Los Angeles’s proclivity for all things wellness has started to enter more mystical territory—now you can get all the right healing crystals while you sip your gut-healthy green juice. If you live in the City of Angels and want to deepen your witchy ways, check out these five spots:

Magic candles at House of Intuition.
photo by Isabel Galupo

House of Intuition
2237 W Sunset Blvd

“YOUR INTUITION LED YOU HERE.” This is the message that greets you as you walk up the steps to House of Intuition’s OG location off Sunset Boulevard on the border of Silver Lake and Echo Park. Whether it really was your intuition or HOI’s fantastic Instagram presence that convinced you to stop by this Craftsman-house-turned-retail-space, you’ll be glad you came to this one-stop mystical shop. Ceiling-high shelves are packed with everything a witch might need: sage and palo santo to banish bad juju, crystal-infused bath bombs that bring relaxation, goddess oracle cards to consult. The crown jewel of House of Intuition is their huge selection of ritual candles. They offer candles tied to specific astrological events, as well as candles that help users fall in love and attract financial abundance, new opportunities, and much more. For extra potent magic, try their tarot candles and anointing oil bundles. Want to take advantage of all of the magic that HOI has to offer but don’t live on the east side? They have locations in Highland Park and West Hollywood, too! 

The Mystic Rebel
453 S Spring St, Suite 641

OK, I know what you’re thinking. “Isabel, please don’t refer me to another Los Angeles yoga studio. There’s literally one on every corner in this downward-dog-obsessed city, and I can’t possibly try them all.” I hear you. But the Mystic Rebel is so much more than a yoga studio. Sure, they offer many opportunities to hit the mat throughout the day, including specialty courses like the cannabis-friendly Stoned Yoga and the more fitness-oriented Yoga HIIT. But at its core, the Mystic Rebel is a holistic healing center that aims to foster mindful community connections. The collective offers weekend events such as reiki training, breath work circles, sound baths, and past-life healing workshops. These offerings help witches slow down and harness their breath in order to connect to their natural intuition and deep spiritual power. Don’t miss co-founder Julia Albain’s Groove Meditation class, where you time your breathing to the beat of contemporary songs.

The Crystal Shrine
1006 N Lima St, Burbank

Tucked away among the vintage clothing stores and locally owned coffee shops that populate Burbank’s Magnolia Boulevard is the Crystal Shrine. One of the highlights of this spot is that there are different spiritual readers present every single day. The first time that I visited, I received a complimentary mini-tarot reading that left me in (happy!) tears. The Crystal Shrine is a great place for witch babies who might get intimidated by the flashy mystical meccas of the city’s hip downtown and Eastside communities. The store is clean, accessible, and straightforward; at the Crystal Shrine, it’s less about purchasing supplies for the most compelling Instagram story and more about finding the most powerful tools for simple, everyday magic. It also offers an extensive witchy book collection. Stop in today and pick up tomes on tarot cards, chakra systems, crystal healing, and much more!

Crystals from Spellbound Sky, Sacred Light, and The Crystal Shrine and a couple of books on tarot.
photo by Isabel Galupo

Spellbound Sky
4210 Santa Monica Blvd

A neon purple sign screams “LOVE ON TOP OF LOVE” on the wall above the register at Spellbound Sky, and you can certainly feel the amorous vibes as soon as you walk inside. Located near Sunset Junction, Spellbound Sky is a relatively small but well-stocked store. They offer ritual candles, sage and palo santo, and custom crystal-infused essential oil rollers, and their crystals are the real deal. Spellbound Sky has some of the most affordable stones that I’ve come across in Los Angeles, and they always include descriptions of the crystals’ specific magical properties with your purchase. Looking for something to help me feel more passionate and energized, I purchased a powerful piece of garnet that was offered at a price $15 cheaper than any other shop I had visited. The store also has a long-standing relationship with meditation guru Jessica Snow, who hosts monthly meditations timed with new and full moons that utilize carefully chosen crystals from Spellbound Sky. Meditating with crystals helps you focus on and specify your intentions to manifest your deepest desires.

Sacred Light
Web store

This summer, Sacred Light hosted a pop-up shop on Los Feliz’s packed Vermont Avenue. It’s now closed, but never fear: everyone—including non-LA-based witches—can still purchase their stunning crystals and jewelry via Sacred Light’s impeccably curated online store. They offer tumbled stones of many different sizes, as well as bracelets and earrings that look stunning and call in specific energies to the wearer. Their crystals are definitely on the pricier side, but their selection is robust. And if you’re overwhelmed by the sheer volume of their offerings, Sacred Light’s website groups their products by intention: if you’re looking for love, head over to the corresponding tab and browse an ample selection of rose quartz, rhodochrosite, pink opal, morganite, and so much more. Be sure to check out founder Arlene Uribe’s private sound baths. Available at a private residence ever since the pop-up closed down at the end of July, these sound baths use signature crystal singing bowls, which are also available for purchase.