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OSG feat. Crissle West: Season 2 Ep. 10 “The Discomfort Zone”

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I probably could live here. I’m used to white people, I grew up in Oklahoma, so I know what I’m doing with that. – Crissle West


On the long awaited episode 10!  We have a very special guest that joins us.  Crissle West, co-host of the The Read, joins the On She Goes team in a spirited conversation about Portland, and what it felt like to step far out of her comfort zone.

Here is a list of places we took Crissle for her FIRST trip to PORTLAND!


Po’Shines Cafe

JAYNE Dispensary

 Multnomah Falls

 Vista House Scenic Viewpoint

 Almafi’s Italian Restaurant & Market

 Killingsworth Dynasty (Cake PDX LGBTQ – All Inclusive Party)

Deadstock Coffee

Silver Falls State Park

Jamaica House

The Crystal Hotel Soaking Pool

Abbey Creek Vineyard

Stoopid Burger

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