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OSG: Season 2 Ep. 1 “I Can’t Get My Hair Wet”

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The On She Goes team takes a deep dive into the great outdoors vs. women of color. Why is camping, hiking & backpacking so foreign to us? What exactly is backpacking? How do I keep my hair from becoming a rat’s nest on a 10 hour hiking trip? We will try our best to answer these questions and more.

Also, Amy tells us about her 5 day hiking trip in Nepal, Meron gives us the real deal on the time she “straight up climbed a mountain,” and Dez hooks us up with some “rugged outdoors-woman” advice on gear.

“Backpacking sounds like when I stay at my boyfriend’s house during the week.”

Here’s a video from the team’s whitewater rafting trip!

Photos from Meron’s trip to Three Pools in Detroit, Oregon!


Photos from Amy’s hike in Nepal