On She Goes

OSG: Season 2 Ep. 8 “Relax, Relate, Release!”

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I’m in the yoga industry, I don’t like the way they market to a stereotypical caucasian, blonde, blue-eyed, 100lb people who look like models and actors… – Bibi McGill

Bibi McGill, former lead guitarist of Beyonce’s badass all female band, “The Suga Mamas”, DJ, and most of all International Yogi; chats with us about self-care, inclusiveness within the yoga community and gives us a history lesson on the origins of the ancient art form.

Bibi will also be hosting Yogi’s of Color Crushing It, along with On She Goes at Wieden + Kennedy on March 17th, 2018.  Suggested donation is $10.

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Sarah Wesley, travel influencer, avid solo traveler, Kemetic Yogi and Serita’s little sister; talks to us about Kemetic Yoga, living in Egypt, solo travel as a woman of color and self-care.

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