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Let the Moon & Sun Take You Places: Your Astrological Sign & Travel

What does your sign reveal about your travel spirit?

Emilly Prado
Emilly Prado
July 11, 2017
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True cosmic queens understand exactly how much planetary patterns can affect our daily lives. When Mercury is in retrograde, we swear off big purchases, and before embarking on another adventure, we check the moon cycles to make sure the journey starts on the new moon whenever possible. So, of course it makes perfect sense to consider how our astrological signs influence where we go, how we travel, and maybe even who we want to bring along with us. Whether you’re a thrill-seeking Aries or a staycation-loving Cancer, learn what our sun signs reveal about our travel spirits.

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is always ready for adventure. Whether on a solo trip or with a gang of old friends, Arians are sure to take the lead and jump at the opportunity to participate in all things exciting, because they’re one of the most fearless signs. Never ones to pass up the chance to get away, they’ll gladly drop everything to embark on a three-week backpacking trip to New Zealand should the right cheap-flight alert come along—like tomorrow.

Must visit:
In Peru, try out sand-dune surfing in Huacachina or rafting in the captivating Manú jungle. For an equally exciting alternative, head to Thailand for a chance to take care of elephants ethically at Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai or go snorkeling in Ko Samui.

Chang Mai
photo by Emilly Prado

The bull of the bunch, Taureans may need some coaxing to travel. When they’re finally convinced to go on a trip, they’re most motivated by indulgence. Preferring to take their time to get settled, this sign is slow moving and their itineraries revolve around attaining the crème de la crème—like dining at the best restaurants or treating themselves to a spa night. For this sign, traveling is synonymous with splurging, so they’ll happily spend extra to ensure their minds, bodies, souls, and bellies are taken care of.

Must visit:
Travel by train for a gastronomic getaway through the heart of Italy until you arrive at the colorful coastlines of Cinque Terre. For the cosmopolitan traveler, stay at the ultra-luxe Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore and devour an abundance of the city-state’s multicultural dishes.

The twins in every Gemini absolutely need the best of both worlds when traveling and can be hard to keep up with. To fight off any impending boredom, they move from place to place swiftly, picking up loads of new buddies along the way. They’ll opt for the middle seat on planes and aren’t afraid to tag along to new cities with new friends they made at the hostel.

Must visit:
Turkey’s diverse terrain offers the chance to scope the calcite cliffs at Pamukkale, take hot air balloon rides over the rocky hills in Cappadocia, and visit Istanbul’s coastal, cat-covered Prince Islands. Spain is similarly ideal for those who crave variety, offering the southern seas of Andalucía, the vibrancy of Barcelona, and the snow-capped villages of Granada.

These homebodies love to spend quality time with friends and family. They’re adaptable and make for excellent travel mates. Suckers for a good staycation, if they do decide to venture out into the world, nesting and bringing along reminders of home are essential.

Must visit:
Budapest’s small scale and charm ooze coziness. Cancerian crabs will love exploring the cobblestone streets and spending hours soaking at the numerous breathtaking, historical thermal bathhouses. Alternately, renting a family cottage and curling up with a good cup of coffee in the California Redwoods is also sure to appeal.

Joshua Tree
photo by Emilly Prado

Attention-loving Leos adore excitement and big city glam. Their confidence as travelers is contagious, and if you can keep up, you’ll be lucky to tag along as they have a knack for making their way into any exclusive club with ease. Always dressed to the nines, they’re likely to pack way too much but are always ready to pose for the ’gram. Bonus points if the destination is warm and sunny.

Must visit:
Party like a club kid and dress up for your first drag show in the Big Apple. If that doesn’t do the trick, you may want to swap out the city that never sleeps for Seoul, as it’s most definitely the city that never stops. While super safe, it’s advisable to bring a buddy or two along for the inevitable soju-fueled nights at the many local EDM nightclubs.

As the planners of the zodiac, Virgos will most definitely do all of the organizing, down to scheduled bathroom breaks. Stuck in their own routines, they may be hesitant to travel but will give themselves plenty of time to ease into the idea by booking super far in advance. They travel best with laid-back signs and enjoy exploration for the purpose of enrichment.

Must visit:
Take a bike tour through the south of France with plenty of pit stops to take in the architecture and to museum hop. Book a hot spring retreat and hike through the trails near Japan’s tallest waterfall, Nachi no Taki.

Sociable and intellectual, Libras are idealists that need balance during travel. If romantic getaways aren’t an option, you can count on this sign to be motivated by adventures of the heart and to shack up with cuties along the way. Since planning isn’t their strong suit, decisive travel partners and prix fixe itineraries are preferred.

Must visit:
After a trip to visit the Acropolis of Athens, book some Greek boat rides and island hop across Santorini and Paros. If you’re in the mood for something stateside, make your way to the Pacific Northwest for Willamette Valley wine tasting in Oregon. Be sure to stop by Abbey Creek Vineyard, the first recorded Black-owned winery in the state.

Full of passion, Scorpios don’t cut corners when it comes to travel. They want to soul search in the lap of luxury and on their terms. Ambitious and resourceful, they’ll manage to find the perfect king-sized bed on Couchsurfing and will have no trouble convincing the Yosemite National Park employee that it’s okay to let them in after-hours.

Must visit:
A week-long, Wi-Fi–free retreat in Aspen chock-full of massages and marshmallow-filled hot chocolate. If you’re in the mood for something international, consider the canal city of Giethoorn, Holland, where lake homes only accessible by boat are common and cycling is the one land-based form of transportation.

photo by Amy Lam

Alone or in big groups, Sagittarians are adventure seekers who find the beauty in any place. They feel most alive when on the road and are often more thrilled by the journey than the destination. They consider trips spanning multiple months and countries to be perfection. 

Must visit:
Start in Mexico City and take advantage of the deeply discounted network of luxury buses as you travel throughout the country, stopping to visit the ancient ruins of Palenque, the clear waters of Tulum, the mole restaurants in Oaxaca, and the art galleries of San Miguel de Allende. Or bite the bullet and plan that around-the-world trip you’ve been dreaming of forever.

Practical and self-disciplined, Capricorns’ favorite vacations are those that double as opportunities for learning. When it comes to travel, they prefer quality over quantity. You can count on this sign to bring along a checklist of work they’d like to get done during their travels, in addition to all their beloved daily rituals.

Must visit:
Plan a DIY writer’s retreat and finish the book you’ve been secretly writing during an idyllic stay in Patagonia. If you’re craving family time, consider whale watching around Washington’s San Juan Islands.

Joshua Tree
by Emilly Prado

Free-spirited Aquarians despise monotony and crave unique experiences. You can count on them to have already taken the roads less traveled, but they won’t be able to tell you how they got there, as keeping tabs on specifics isn’t their jam. It’s best to never leave them in charge of the itinerary unless you enjoy surprises, like hotel bookings for the wrong night.

 Must visit:
Get lost digging through the antiques on Jonker Street and slurping down laksa in Melaka, Malaysia, or roll up your sleeves for a summer WWOOF-ing on coffee farms in Costa Rica.

Readily surrendering to daydreams, Pisceans need minimal planning and open spaces so they can be alone and let their hair down. Artistic and spiritual by nature, these water signs need time to escape in natural settings like warm, salty beaches and shady woodlands.

Must visit:
Wake up at sunrise to climb boulders and stay up late to catch a sky full of stars after midnight while camping in Joshua Tree National Park or book a 10-day silent meditation retreat in Bali for the ultimate recharge.