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You Know You’re a Stoner Traveler When…

Everything’s better when you’re baked—traveling is no exception.

Jagger Blaec
Jagger Blaec
February 22, 2018
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Everything’s better when you’re baked—traveling is no exception. When it comes to legal weed consumption, some folks dislike the stigmatized label of being a stoner, but I am not one of them. Once I wake and bake, I’m either ready to roast and relax in the sunshine while melting into my atmosphere at the beach or I’m buzzing off a zesty high that leaves me wanting to wander and discover a new place now that my mind has been properly elevated. Whether it’s a busy downtown in a city where no one speaks English or a completely isolated trail in the middle of a Hawaiian forest, being high only helps. Here are some of the ways to tell if you are a stoney traveler too.

Jagger wondering where the weed at?
photo courtesy of Jagger Blaec

You’re not even tripping about TSA
Only real stoners make sure to perfectly time their high in accordance with maneuvering the shit show that is the TSA. I’m laser focused when I’m on edibles, so chowing down on a CBD gummy alleviates all the anxiety that comes with the nightmare of getting to your gate. Timing is everything. You never want to be too high to pack your belongings, but being sober during TSA pat-downs is awful on my nerves. I typically take an edible on the ride to the airport, and by the time it kicks in I’m ready to sit back and watch an in-flight flick.

You choose “green” destinations
My travel destinations are often places where marijuana is legalized or at least medicinal. I dream of venturing out to Colorado or making my way to Amsterdam. But even adventuring in different parts of Oregon can be exciting when you can sample different strains legally. If weed is legal, check out Leafly for reviews on the best spot in town to try out. Every shop is different and has a little something special to offer. Like in Portland, no two dispensaries are the same. From staff to stems, all vibes vary, and it’s part of the fun.

Becoming one with nature.
photo courtesy of Jagger Blaec

Cannabis-inspired couture is your favorite kind
Being high all the time will give new meaning to the term “high fashion” since my altered state tends to greatly influence my fashion decisions. I like to keep it stylish yet cozy, which can translate to a sort of stoner uniform. It can feel like there’s no reason for clothes at all if the climate is sunny enough, and being barefoot is always preferable. And since you’re probably paranoid enough already, others typically won’t be caught wearing a cannabis pattern to avoid drawing attention to the fact that we’re highhh. But I usually give zero f*cks and rock a weed-print bikini.

Surrounded by greenery on a hike.
photo courtesy of Jagger Blaec

Fellow smokers can sniff you out in a crowd
Often, real recognizes real. You never have trouble finding “someone who knows someone” to be the plug, aka the connection, to ensure plenty of high times ahead on your traveling adventures. I can count on two hands the number of times an absolute stranger has approached me about where to find weed or offered to smoke with me from their own stash. Not sure if the smoke is embedded in my essence or if I just look really high . . . either way it’s a great conversation starter in a place that would otherwise be unfamiliar.

In the end, the number one tell for a person who smokes trees and travels is how they handle the ride. No matter what we pack, we always make sure to bring a good time and roll with it all.