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Why Travel Needs Women Of Color

A letter from On She Goes HQ

On She Goes
On She Goes
May 15, 2017
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We’ve stood in front of the magazine rack in an airport terminal. We’ve scanned rows of glossy magazine covers, hoping a few would pop out at us with pages of far-off destinations and photographs of beaches with impossibly azure waves and perfectly lit cobblestone alleyways in ancient cities. But often the photos, travel essays, and guides felt off. It seemed that these magazines were unable to see our Black and brown bodies there and the challenges and stories we have to tell as travelers.

But the truth is that we’ve been moving across the globe seeking adventure, exploring new landscapes, and learning about different cultures and about ourselves. We’ve been going. Now we’ve carved out a space to share where we went. We’re On She Goes.

As women of color, we face a unique set of challenges when we travel at the intersection of gender, race, sexuality, and so much more. On She Goes is a place for us to share our stories, to encourage one another to travel more, and to create a community for ourselves. This is our way of saying #WeBelongHere no matter where we are.

On She Goes has been a passion project for all of us involved, working to bring you the experiences of women of color, by women of color, for women of color. We’ve faced self-doubt and pushback about whether we could pull this off. We’ve had to justify the existence of On She Goes. As women of color, we’ve been justifying our existence in different spaces for so long that we felt ready to explain why On She Goes is necessary. We repeatedly returned to our mission to guide us in this work: to help women of color travel more confidently, more adventurously, and more often.

We’ve kept community at the center of what we’re doing. Women of color do not have a singular monolithic travel experience, and the voice of On She Goes grows from the stories shared by our community. From our podcast and videos to city guides and essays, we’re here to show that #WeBelongHere. We’re beyond excited to share this passion project. We hope you share our passion and will join us in this community that we’re building.

Let’s see the world together,
On She Goes team

This is our way of saying #WeBelongHere no matter where we are.